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20. JA9IFF Jim   (2009-06-09 11:55 AM)
Hope to see you at 2100UTC on 14040, 0700-0900UTC is working in the office yet. Anyway, enjoy trip to NA-233 and safely return to Adak.
Country: Japan

19. DK2BR   (2009-06-08 4:49 PM)
Thanks for the Dxpedtion to NA-039 and NA-233.
Good contact today on 20m in CW.
Be carefull and good health.
73 de DK2BR, Herbert
Country: Germany

18. JK1TCV/qrp, Kazu   (2009-06-08 12:46 PM)
Hi Yuri and crews,
Thankyou very much for the qso on 20m
from adak is.
Tonight, very strong and clear sigs in Gunma Japan.
So, I hope to see you agan na-233 ,
Good Luck. smile

17. Edmilson Rodrigues do Ó, PR7CPK   (2009-06-08 2:40 AM)
I'm has writen in QRZ.COM my congratullations to the members of this DXpedition to Alaska in Aleutians Islands area. I hope that the propagation is not bad for Latin America specially for Brazil but I am stand-by for all time for will be can work the expedition. I am a member of the RRC # 668 and have many interest for QSL cards with sufix RRC specially from Alaska and any other polar stations for my collection of QSL cards and RRC awards.
Thanks, 73,
Country: BRASIL

16. Mike Simonds   (2009-06-06 11:36 PM)
Great meeting you all to day. Best of luck on your adventure and May you have Fair Winds and Following Seas. biggrin
Country: US

15. Yoh,JL3CRS   (2009-06-06 6:13 PM)
Good Luck in NA-233 IOTA-expedition,Cu on the air! de yoh,JL3CRS cool
Country: Japan

14. Fred - W4PKU   (2009-06-06 4:43 PM)
biggrin Best GL and safety to your crew. Hope to QSO you on both NA039 (6 Meters) from Virginia and also on NA233....FRED (W4PKU)
Country: United States

13. K9DRG Dave   (2009-06-02 11:15 PM)
Hope you guys do well I'll be lookin fer ya from EN70 biggrin
Country: United States

12. Johnny KE7V   (2009-06-02 7:36 AM)
I made a mistake!! Yuri Zaruba is UA9OBA...sri
Yuri Sushkin is N3QQ/UA9OPA

Johnny Spasiba!!!!

Country: USA

11. Johnny KE7V   (2009-06-02 7:32 AM)
Were very excited about the trip and hope all things fall into place.

Possibly Yuri Zaruba UA9OPA from Novosibirsk RU will join us!!

Look for me on 6 meters and also the CW portion of operation.

Johnny KE7V

Country: USA

10. Les GM3ITN   (2009-06-01 11:37 PM)
Hi Yuri , Hope we can make it again this year with the auroras being low around 0700z may be our best chance on 14040!!!
best 73 safe trip and take it easy on the vodka , I 'll maybe have a big whisky to calm my nerves when you appear !!!73 Les cool

9. Lanny   (2009-06-01 7:54 PM)

Hope you find that charter boat and good cndx to all areas.
Watch out for the bears!

73...........Lanny W5BOS

Country: USA

8. TAC   (2009-05-31 10:21 PM)
Hi Johnny & Yuri,

You made a splendid plan.
Let's meet you at 6m!
I pray for success of you.
Good luck & good DX!


7. Andy   (2009-05-31 5:51 PM)
Dear RRC Members,

Wish you Good Luck in your MAXIMUM program! NA-039 & NA-233 for several days! Good openings for EUs. "SLeeping" Auroras... smile
Be careful and many QSOs and safe back home!

Andy, RZ3EM

6. Jim   (2009-05-30 9:04 PM)
Hi Johnny and Yuri:

Good luck on the expedition we will be looking for you

73 and poka!
Honor Roll member of the IOTA.

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